Sunday, January 4, 2009

So what Brainiac thought up this?!

Okay so there is this rule that baby and toddler pjs should be skin tight. It has to be some weirdo who has never tried to put a tired toddler into their pjs for the night. Usually when I am getting Danya's room ready for bed I stick my arm into the arm of the pjs so that they are stretched out enough to actually go on her. Tonight I forgot. So we get one arm going into the whole but it gets stuck half way. Then it is a challenge to finish because she is crying, pulling her arm and balling her fist inside the sleeve so that it looks like a sock puppet. This would be funny except it's not. We finnaly get that arm through and it's time to do the other one. Because Danya is smart she remembers the other arm and that's it. Now she is flailing like an octopus, kicking anything she can and screaming. By the time we are done I am bruised and tired and she is clinging to me as if to say don't you ever do that again, mom. The funny part is that even though the arms were made nearly 2 sizes smaller the trunk of the shirt is huge on her. Or perhaps that has something to do with the flailing toddler who was just inside it. I don't get it.


ejlorenz said...

Been there done that! It sucks just as much when the head doesn't want to fit. Ponies are too big something simple but as a parent you want to out do the wit of everything to cause the least amount of turmoil. Well, we are all human. But I agree, those tight fitting clothes are CRAZY!

Kjersten said...

Happy Birthday, Laura and John! Thinking of you both today...

Connie said...

Oh, how well I remember those days. Don't miss that part of parenthood.

Thought of you and John off and on all day. Happy Birthday. Wish I could be there to give you both big hugs, Danya, too.
Luvnhugs, Aunt Connie

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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