Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

There was soo, soo much to do today. Christmas is a busy time of year. John's family has a tradition of staying awake on Christmas eve and opening gifts at midnight. This year we began the first year of our new traditions. The grown-ups waited until after Danya's bed time and had a wonderful worship and prayer service ending with communion. Then we watched movies as we waited for midnight. Then after opening "just what I wanted" gifts we headed off to bed. Thank you to everyone who blessed us with gifts this year. In these hard times it seems as though the gifts were more thoughtful. Then we all went to bed. 4 very brief hours later Danya woke up ready for a new day. We allowed Daddy to sleep and played for a few hours. Just about the time everyone else was waking up it was nap time. So Danya went to sleep while we prepared for meeting up with family digitally, and Danya's gifts. When she woke up we helped her open gifts. Some of her gifts were instantly the best thing ever and some it took a while for her to notice, but once she did it was a day of discovery. Every gift is greatly appreciated. We are so excited to have enough now to rotate toys and have this kind of busy exploration all the time.

Christmas tree angle 1

Christmas tree angle 2.

Wake up daddy, I'm ready to open the presents!

So cute I just had to add it.

Is it time yet?

WOW! A kitchen just for me.

Give the new baby a kiss.

Ripping paper is Fun!!!!!

Wooden fruit for the new kitchen.

Danya is pushing her new baby around in her new stroller. She loved that she could see over the top as she has been pushing a full sized stroller around.

Taking a You tube break with Daddy.

Eating Christmas dinner with a spoon! Did you know it is easier if you hold out your other arm?

Back to pushing my babies around.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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