Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Projects

Okay so now that Christmas is over, and all of the gifts have been opened, I can share all of the cool stuff I made prior to Christmas.

First is the Crayon Caddies. I was surfing the net and found similar ones on where KJ has her store. I thought I could make that and so I did. I made lots of them. John's co-workers have small children as well and we wanted to pass on something special this year, so we gifted these to them. My adorable nephew and my cousins boy got one as well. They are fun because you can just roll it up and take art anywhere. We are looking forward to using it at our next dr's appointment. If anyone wants more $15 and decent notice and you can have one too. ; )

Then there is the lunch bag for Nana. Nana always brings a little bag to work with her lunch in it. Now her bag doubles as a brag bag. I've wanted to show this one off for over a month. I was even so desperate to show it to someone I brought it up to the fabric associate at walmart who has been helping me get all the fabric. She wanted one but had way too many grandkids.

Last but not least and definately the most delicious is my cake. My Mother in law has wanted to order a cake from Williams Sonoma for the last 3 Christmases and they don't ship here. So this year they were coming here so I made a similar cake. The original idea was to match the cake but the colored fondant was too expensive, nearly double the price of white, and I didn't have the energy to color all of the fondant, so it changed a little. It was the best cake I have had since discovering my allergy. My wedding cake was good, but this was decadent. The funny thing was I used the Hershey's perfectly chocolate cake recipe from the back of the cocoa container and the frosting recipe that went with it. It lived up to it's name that's for sure. I packed on several pounds to prove it. But it is Christmas right?


Kjersten said...

Yay for creative Christmas presents! I'm going to post the picture of Oscar opening his crayon holder soon. We love it!!! That bag you made your mom is awesome. And YUMMY cake...

Connie said...

Love it, the caddy, the cake and the bag!

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