Monday, November 10, 2008

Local Style

All those years working in daycare trying to find the best language for potty training and dirty diapers. I remember it being quite the debate about what was the best thing to say. In hawaii the blend of cultures has created a unique way of putting it. "make Shishi" or "make Doodoo" I was thinking about this a lot yesterday as we are just starting some potty training. It really makes sense. We were always telling kids to "go" potty, it is kind of a random thought because to go mean to move, but local style is telling them to make it. I don't know if I am making any sense I just thought it was an awesome way to say it so I thought I would share. And for Todd who was wondering what the pidgen Bible would say about Eglon the king's servants as they discussed why he wasn't answering the door. My best guess is: You wen t'ink make doodoo?

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ejlorenz said...

Well our daughter would take it too literal and actually try and make it and you want to talk about a mess to clean up.... So we want her to go "to" the potty. :)

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