Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chinese New Year

This post is a bit out of order, but still a fun story to tell.
Danya loves her class, Nd especially loves her teacher Ms. Akagi. With a new baby I haven't been able to volunteer much in the class, but there have been prep work things I can do. In January I got Chinese lanterns ready for the kids to create for Chinese New Year. When Danya saw me doing art she asked if we could do an art project on the weekend. I asked the teacher if she would be interested in a dragon head, she laughed and said sure.

So Danya and I pulled out old news paper and paper mâché water and a couple of balloons and got messy. Danya enjoyed getting messy, and it provided us with a mommy and me activity that she loved.

- when the paper mâché dried we painted it and used a couple of the eyes from my pascal costumes to add a cartoony quality. It doesn't look so much like a Chinese dragon, it looks more like Buddy, from PBS's dinosaur train, but he's cute either way.

Then I packaged up a bunch of trim leftovers and brought it to Danya's school for the kids to decorate. This is the utter cuteness they designed.

Ms. Akagi said that the girls super loves the flower trim. I'm so glad I was able to provide a fun activity for the class. As an honor, Danya got to be the first head of the dragon. So much fun in a simple art project.
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