Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hawai'i in January

Living in Hawai'i in January has it's perks, tropical weather is definately one of them.
 Although Danya still remembers the snow, and loves to play at sliding with cardboard, or slide board as she calls it. Over Christmas break one of Danya's little Friends came over and we had an amazing day of playing and sliding on the grass at the park.
 Miss M is soo darn cute,  and neither one of them can be told of the play date ahead of time or us mommies get no breaks from the begging for it to start NOW! It's a really good thing that her Mommy and I are best friends.
 Both girls look a little dressed up to be at the park, but when you are a fashionista like Danya is it's not surprising.

 Another perk is year round laundry on the line. And to make it even more of a perk, Miss Danya has learned that she can help. Our clothes line is on a pully and so she just gives it a yank and takes the clothes off the line, puts the clips in the basket and then the clothes.
 I discovered how adept she was at this skill quite by accident. I said "I need to go out and take the clothes down off the line right after I go to the bathroom okay Danya?" and she said okay. I come out of the bathroom and discover her well organized plan to help me out. She carried the empty basket up the stairs, and then got the clothes pins basket and was taking it down piece by piece.
 Naturally since it is important to build upon these skills and actually add chores to her learning. Taking clothes down and determining if they are dry or not is one of her tasks on laundry day.
 Not every day in January is bright and sunny, a cold front stalled over us last week and we were forced to play inside. It was laundry day at the time, so since I usually pull the car out of the garage to sort laundry we decided to pull out all of her little people an make a city.
 This is the zoo with a school field trip walking around.
 And the lake with the pirate ship in it and everything.
 Uh Oh someone spotted the camera Pose!
 As you can see she has quite the lego pile. But Wow! what fun was had that day with some little people and chalk.
 Momma's been working on some new Princess styles for her store. Meet Princess Jasmine.
 She's a little sasy,
 And very cute, just like Miss Danya! I'm not sure why she's holding up the Icelandic flag other than the fact that she found it, and was dancing with it. Kind of just one of those random moments.
 Swimming year round is also a bonus. Here she is not only swimming but swimming with bubbles, she likes to try and throw them line a snow ball and blow them out of her hand.
It's been a fun month so far, but there is soo much on our horizon. If you ask Danya what is happening in February you get the answer, "I'm going to see Gammy and my Grandfather" and we are. We are headed to Minnesota for a little over a week in February. Where we hopefully will get to see real snow. We're already working on a mainland shopping list. We are very excited. Life has been crazy busy this week, yet we've been having TONS of fun. I haven't pulled the camera out in a while, and that is part of the problem as to why I've fallen behind in my blogging. Sorry and hopefully I'll remember this week.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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