Friday, March 11, 2011

TSUNAMI 3-11-2011

Okay so last night John and I were just relaxing and doing some random computer stuff when we got a phone call letting us know that a big earthquake hit Japan and a Tsunami was generated. Like every good islander we turned on the TV to the news and watched like gluttons for punishment as they repeated the same footage and information over and over again. And when we got board or really annoyed by one set of news people we switched channels. We waited until midnight when the Tsunami was set to hit Wake Island in between Japan and us and then I crashed. Sleep was calling my name. Lots of facebooking had happened and I'm sure I freaked some of you out. I might have failed to mention that we live quite a ways up the hill, well away from innundation zones. Other than the persistand civil defense sirens every hour all night long we didn't really get affected by it at all. We appreciate that you all care for us and if you called when we were asleep we appologize for not answering, but sleep was very important since our 2 legged alarm clock has no idea that big things were happening. Waking up this morning we learned that there was some damage around the islands, but nothing unexpected. Infact it was less drastic than we were expecting. Our Govenor when asked if he thought we might have over reacted said, "Count your blessings," he went on to talk about how we couldn't have changed it and made it less no person could, but right now we need to center our thoughts on Japan, and focus on our close relationship with those people in any way that we can.  If you can't reach me because all circuts are busy, please don't panic. There are a lot of Japanese tourists on the island trying to contact family and friends back home and they are clogging the lines a bit, as they should. There are still random waves ping ponging between the islands so no going to the beach, but other than that we are all clear.


donnyboy (headshot) said...

What an excellent update! Thanks Laura. So glad that you guys are safe.

donnyboy (headshot) said...

WHOOPS!! THat wasn't Don, it was me, JEN. Hahaha... I didn't realize he was logged in.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Happy to hear that you are safe!


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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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