Friday, January 28, 2011

One Week

One week from today we go to the hospital for Danya's surgery. I'm so confident in the Dr. that I have absolutely no nervousness about it. Danya keeps talking about wanting to go talk to the Dr. about her nose and other owies, so I'm hopeing she'll be at least a little cooperative, but I know that's expecting a lot where hospitals are concerned.
She's been so silly lately she wants to be wrapped up like a baby all the time. It's kind of funny because she'll stay wrapped up tight for quite a while, getting mad at us if we even think about trying to unwrap her before she's ready.On Tuesday she goes in for her preop appointment and we'll find out her official stats, but by the scale at the store she's a whopping 40 lbs, our scale at home broke, so we just check when we walk around the store. She's gotten taller we know because she's past up some of her friends who are almost a year older than her. She's so tall.

We are looking forward to Grammi comming next week. We wish Gamfi could make it too, but it's more important that he get all the way better first. A fellow blogger would call this a stream of conciousness blog as it kind of rambles around to whatever I am thinking about at the time. It's rather early in the morning still here.

We've found a way for Danya to sleep all night! It's kind of a funny thing. Danya wanted to nap in her little pop up play tent last week one time and naturally we let her. At night time 5 nights ago she asked to sleep in her tent on the bed. So because she had had such a good day we let her. She's too tall for just one we tied both of her pop up tents together making a bigger tent. She went to sleep and slept all night! Momma loved it soo much we didn't even move the tent off the bed for the next day. Now 5 days later I am well rested and loving it. We think that the tent is keeping the humid warmer air from her breath closer and so as she is breathing with her mouth open it's not as painful so she's sleeping all night again. I remember being younger and having a bed tent. It was one of my favorite things about sleeping in the winter because it always stayed warmer. If she keeps wanting to sleep in her tent we might have to invest in one for her, just because I looooove uninterupted sleep.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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