Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maui Ocean Center

Last weekend we went over to Maui to celebrate Danya's birthday and our anniversary with John's parents and Aunt and Uncle from D.C. To see lots of gift opening pictures please visit our photo site.
While we were over on Maui we decided to take a little trip to the Maui Ocean Center. It is a little expensive, but for a little girl who loooooves fish it was pretty darn fun.

These two fish were totally cool and reminded me of Star Wars characters. They change colors to blend in. They are called frogfish and their little fins function as legs and they scuttle across the bottom of the ocean. Soo cool.
Pointing out fish to Nana Valera.
The mammal building was a little disappointing, because it was all fiberglass sculptures, but inside was the underwater tunnel.
Danya was not impressed with the tunnel. She was actually a bit freaked out. "let's get out of here" she was saying and "gotta keep moving"
looking in the little aquarium by the gift shop was much more her cup of tea.
This souvenir shot was taken infront of a blue screen and we were placed inside the tunnel. Pretty cool since Danya hated the tunnel.

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shana said...

looks like a super-great place -- and one you wouldn't really find around here!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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