Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Adventures

Danya woke up at her usual early time on her birthday. When she came into our room to wake me upshe spotted her birthday morning gifts.  It took some convincing but she left them there for another hour, then while Momma was making breakfast she went back into Momma and Daddy's room and woke Daddy up by whacking the gift on his tummy. I'm sure he was thrilled. Since we didn't want her to think that was the way to get what she wanted we put the gifts on the table again and went out to play until Daddy was really awake, then we had lots of fun ripping the wrapping to shreds. Danya is a great gift opener.
Then we changed into the birthday outfit Nana G sent for her birthday. Momma's favorite TV show is Project Runway. I glean lots of ideas and ways to make and design fun clothes from watching them mess up. This year rather than being on at 9pm, it's on at 6pm here in Hawaii. So on Thursday nights we have a picnic in our living room to watch Project Runway/ Blues Clues. See John and I watch runway and Danya watches Blues Clues on her ipod. Or at least we were under the impression she was watching Blue. When we put her birthday dress on she held her arms out at her sides and said "That's high fashion"

Naturally you must accesorize high fashion.

Unfortunately that juice cup she's holding popped open when she bumped into the bed at top speeds soaking her birthday outfit. So we had to change to another outfit she got for her birthday a couple weeks ago.
We had a relaxing day at home watching Lilo and Stitch, then after a trip to the grocery store to try lots of samples, we were invited over to Lola Maylene's house for dinner. We had yummy steaks, ribs, poke, hamburgers, and of course a yummy icecream cake.
and of course more present opening.

It was a fun but tireing birthday. Thanks everyone for making it so special.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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