Monday, July 26, 2010

Field Trip to the Firestation

The girls and I went on adventure Friday morning with our Mom's Club. We headed to the Kapolei Fire station.
Miss M was one of the few who really "stop, drop, and roll"ed.
Then the fireman came out in full gear. Danya was a bit freaked and hid behind my back. I had the forethought to take a photo around my side so you could see the cute peeking that was happening. As you can see one of her good friends was also a little scared by the process
Most of the firemen Danya wanted nothing to do with, but this uncle was the one she liked. Partially because he let her climb into the "bus" which is her word for all trucks. One of these days she will say truck and surprise me completely.

They gave the kids little fireman's hats, Danya was thrilled, she keeps pretty good track of this hat, I think it even went to bed with her last night. She puts it on and yells "fire". So cute.

My Jr. Firefighters

They even let the kids spray the hose, Danya refused much to the shock of me and the other moms. At first we figured she was gonna run into the water, being the water baby she is. But she just ventured off on her own back to the big yellow chairs.

and then went off to check the engines.

The firemen went up in the ladder truck to take a group photo for us. Those tricky firemen took all our cameras in a box. Then when they got up top they dropped a dummy camera just to watch all of us freak out. We just stared in disbelief. Then they shot about a hundred photos, It took a bit long for this many preschoolers, but it was fun just the same. Not sure about Miss M, but Danya's been talking about it all weekend.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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