Sunday, May 30, 2010

One of THOSE days

Some days you just want to go back to bed and start over. Yesterday was one of THOSE days. We've had solid company and upheaval  of routine for about 2 weeks. For a little girl who thrives on routine this is very bad. So yesterday morning I was tired too tired to react well. After having an out of mommy experience and watching myself yell at Danya for no apparent reason I decided that I would nap when she did. So I sat down to check my e-mail until I was sure she was asleep in the other room. Well with so much craziness she has needed me to be near her at all times. So after about 15 minutes and 3 times of taking her back to her room I decided to just let her nap on our bed with me. So we crashed. Then when we woke up I had a lot to get done before our company came over for dinner. Here is where the day gets so frustrating it could have been the plot to a parenting comedy movie.

It all starts as I start Danya eating snack and watching "boblarry" while I start preping stuff for dinner. I'm cleaning lettuce and I turn around and there are now chips all over my floor, and as my friends from highschool know chips (or popcorn) on a wood floor make for a great skating rink. Toddler to time out, mommy gets a broom and cleans up the mess. Toddler promises to listen and "no mess, okay alright." I then went to fill the air mattresses. One matress full and made, and the second started and Danya walks into the room and says "doo doo in there" and points to her pull up. "Okay let me finish filling this up..." so I get the air mattress filled and start to make it. Danya jumps up on top of it then bounces onto her butt. Doo doo squirts out all over both airmattresses. Okay clean up Danya and put her in the bath to clean completely while I get the sheets that were clean and ready for guests back in the laundry. As I come back inside from putting loading the washer, I hear SPLOOSH. Oh no! Run to the bathroom and Danya tells me "Oops" Water all over the floor. So I clean the floor get Danya out and dried off and get back to dinner prep. Alls quiet I'm making great progress making bread dough, and a chocolate cake. Lime lapse half an hour, Then I realize it might be too quiet. Turn around and Danya's hair is wet, it's important to know that I didn't wash her hair in the first bath and it was still dry when I got her out. Now it's wet, and her juice cup is empty and there's a puddle all over the floor. Toddler back in the bath. Argh! Wash her hair and proclaim this is her night time bath. Run out and put the cake in the oven. She's content in the bath so I let her stay there for a little bit. I'm so frustrated at this point, not much later John comes home as I'm braiding Danya's hair. He takes over the crazy dinner prep and I go pick up our guests from the hospital. It was about that time that I realized if it wasn't so frustrating it would have been a very funny day. So as a bit of therapy I am sharing it here with you. Perhaps it will make one of your days seem less nuts if you hear mine.

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Kjersten said...

These are the kinds of stories you will be so happy you wrote down, Laura! Thanks for sharing.

Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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