Monday, November 30, 2009

Cool Craft

We attended a baby shower yesterday with some of the best decorations and such I've seen in a while. One of the gifts was a pair of paper booties. Naturally I had to take it apart find out how they made them, then I had to see if I we could make it into a stocking.

It's another cool way to re use a toilet paper tube too.

Cut off about a third of the tube. Get a piece of red tissue paper. Place the 2 pieces of tube next to each other and begin wrapping the tissue paper around it and tucking it into the top of the boot.

Cut off a strip of white paper and wrap it around the top of the boot securing it with a small piece of tape.

Fill the boot / stocking with winter treats like kisses or M & M's . Fun and simple craft idea.

If you don't have enough toilet paper tubes don't let that stop you just make your own with paper and a stapler. That's how they did it for the party. Soo cool! Congratulations Napua and Sam!


shana said...

don't have any toilet paper tubes . . . that is for sure not one my problems. we go through plenty. thanks for the info. enjoy your day!

Young Adventures... said...

What a great idea Laura! Something fun I can do with Katie and Ian. Thanks!

Lisa Curcio said...

What a great idea! I like the toilet paper tubes better than the rolled up paper...we have a ton of toilet paper tubes!

Thanks for sharing.

Brianne said...

Such a great idea! They would be good to put a gift card in too! And thank you so much joining my blog hop!! So happy to have you!!

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