Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch for the first time. We were told by others to go as soon as it opens to beat the crowds and they were soooo right. There were tons of people there. It wasn't as easy to navigate as the ones in MN that I have been to but it was fun to do such a fall activity with Danya.

"Rock Momma!" She didn't really care about all those pumpkins.

There was lots and lots of dirt and rocks.

I tried to trick her and get a good picture with the pumpkins but she had other ideas. She didn't want the pumpkin in the way of getting to the dirt.

Walking through sticky weeds was no fun either. We had so many little stickers in our clothing when we left.

Notice all the dirt! I think she is a budding geologist. Maybe a palentologist, since she's also really into dinosaurs lately.

After a little clean up it was time for our hay ride.

They took us around the pumpkin patch, and Danya really liked the wind but not her hair blowing in her face.

In this field were some carnival rides and jump houses. She didn't like walking on the crunchies.

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shana said...

seems weird to me to do such a "fallish" thing in such a non-fallish place. glad you can have some fallish fun even without any fallish weather.
have a great day!
shana and all

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