Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

What a busy day! The other day we drove past the Pearl Harbor shopping center and saw a sign for a costume contest in the morning. Since Danya's best time of day is the morning I thought it was perfect. So our day today began at 6 like normal and by 7:45 we were out and on our way to an adventure. When we got there we learned it would take place inside Chuck E Cheeses. Well that made the waiting game a lot more manageable.
When you walked in you registered and then you walked past the judges. They gave you a score and you then went and had fun on all the games for about an hour and a half.

Danya really liked the ones that moved. But she wasn't too picky if it had lights and buttons those were fun too. I was hoping I could get her into skee ball, but she just thought that was waaay to boring.
I decided to do a pencil sketch picture booth. For what ever reason there is a looong delay before the photo was taken and by that time someone didn't want to sit there any more, gee I wonder who that was. So we tried again.
Then came the winner announcements. Danya and I won 2nd place in the Parent and Child Category. The family who won first place had a pose all worked out for the judging. Danya was a bit clingy at judging so I was kind of surprised we got anything.
After the announcements we all made a big long line and trick or treated at some of the stores in the strip mall. It wasn't many stores but they all gave soo much stuff, that Danya had a very full Elmo bucket.
After the long walk we went home where Danya crashed and took a really long nap. She woke up ready to go again. Lucky for her we had plans to do just that.
As you can see she wasn't Cinderella all day. Later in the afternoon we went to the local strip mall to pick up some dinner and to trick or treat there too. She was Mulan for that adventure. It was very fun and she really enjoyed herself.
Okay so here is the story of Mommy's costume. Yesterday I got the idea to be the fairy godmother. I was wishing for a cape that I have for living history that I left in MN because it would be way to hot here. I figured I could just make do, but since I didn't have that option I began thinking. When I made Danya's costume I used a flat sheet, from a set that the elastic was wearing out of in the fitted sheet, for the lining. So as I sat there thinking about how I didn't have the money to go buy fabric for something so silly, I remembered the fitted sheet and pillowcases I just put in a bag for a donation. I rescued them and proceeded to piece together the robe using the pillowcases as sleeves. Then I ran to Walmart and picked up some dye and a half yard of pink fabric. I came home and dyed the robe and fashioned the bow. Then all I did was add my hoop skirt and Tada! The fairy godmother come to life!
All ready to go! The past few years we've had soo many kids come through that we were prepared for 300, we only had about 200 so we had some extra time to play.
Bibbity Bobbity Boo!
Just a silly cute pose. She wasn't especially cooperative when it came to taking her photo tonight with me so this is the cutest one we have.
After a while it was getting late and Danya was getting tired so she just plopped down on our driveway as we handed out candy to the last few families.

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Kelli B said...

very cute- and you really do look like the fairy godmother!

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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