Saturday, September 19, 2009

Catching up -- September Adventures Condensed

I fell behind a couple of weeks ago and I just can't catch up the slow way, so here is a condensed version of the events that have been happening at our house...

Danya's new bike helmet gets a lot of wear around the house, but she doesn't like to ride her bike with it on. We need to visit our friends down the block when they are using their bikes so she sees how they ride with helmets on.
So you may remember that I claim our house is one big ant colony that we happen to live in. Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks as we try our darndest to eliminate the pests. It all started about 2 weeks ago when I discovered a couple thousand ants climbing in out and around our DVD player. They killed it! It no longer works. The ants killed my DVD player. So great that's just kind of annoying until I then discover that they are all of a sudden in our rice container! (Thankfully there was not much rice left.) So our pantry got a major overhaul and a super scrub including changing the shelf paper. No ants since! Yay! okay so at least not in there.

Danya is loving her babies lately. She takes very good care of them. She is growing more and more aware of littler kids. Today we were next door enjoying the swimming pool when I held a friend's little boy. He's like 7 months old maybe? He's little. She was intrigued and was trying to talk to him. Soo cute.
This is our display of the stuff we collected for Danya's gift. It doesn't look as big in this photo, but once I added all the stuff brought that night I had to go buy bigger boxes. Yes this is our Garage. For those of you who are not from Hawaii we party in our garages. It's local style and very conveinient. If everyone drops stuff on the floor, no worries just hose it out before you repark your car. Our garage is growing more and more organized as we filter through what we really need and what we don't.
Danya's been a bit of a picky eater lately. She loves lunch meat and crackers. When all else fails this we know she will eat, ravenously. So for convienence sake and because they were on sale (Yay Target!) we bought some lunchables. While choosing them I saw these snack sized ones which are more Danya sized anyway. They are perfect. She really enjoys them.
Like I said we've been enjoying Thomas the train. Infact she is all about Choo Choos right now. We even went out and purchased a little Thomas playset which she can't get enough of. Big choo Choo's battery died today so he went back to Lola Maylene's house. She was actually a lot better with the drop off then I thought she would be. She'll get to ride it again someday.
Danya got some new PJ's from her Grandma. She didn't like opening the gift so much but she has loooooved wearing this one especially. You can't go wrong with a TuTu.

Swimming in a bucket. Yes those are her feet right by her face and boy do I wish I was that flexable. The waterpark has shifted to school year hours so it isn't open as much, bummer.
So we go swimming in buckets. When we got our Waterpark season passes we threw out all of our swimming pools because I spent as long patching them every time as she spent in them. As you can see we didn't even waste time putting on a swim suit this day. Just jump in fully clothed. A new luxury now that we are wearing underwear around the house instead of diapers.
Kinda got the idea from Grandma, her bucket is bigger though.
But soo much fun!
The last major thing at our house over the past couple of weeks is potty training. It is going pretty well actually. We are by no means ready to give up the diapers for certain purposes though. Tonight is the best example I can give...
Danya loves to go for a walk in the evening. That's great for me because I need the excersize. Anyway we were walking and she was doing a great job. She hadn't stoped and said she needed to "go home", her signal that she can't hold it any more, and we were rounding the corner toward home. Surprisingly the corner dogs, 6 yappy and yippy and just plain loud chihuahua mixes, were quiet our whole way past there house. Walking walking we were walking. Danya likes stairs and she saw a step that went toward thier gate. She bravely stepped up. Suddenly all 6 dogs come running at and jumping up on the fence barking. Danya screamed in panic and fear and... you guessed it, just as I went to whisk her into the safety of mommy's arms she made shishi.(went potty) She was wearing training pants and plastic pants, but that is not always enough to contain my well hydrated child. We walked home me holding her as you know what dripped and ran down my side, Danya clinging to me like the world was ending. A shower and bath happened upon our return home. It's one of those moments that when your clothes are soaking wet you are just angry at the dogs and frustrated that you are wet, but after you are cleaned up and have a little perspective on the situation you realize, okay that's a parenting memory I need to file away. Someday when she's 20 I'll be a crazy mom and spill that story -- again.

Okay I think I am caught up now.

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
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