Sunday, July 26, 2009

Growing Up...sniff

Somedays she is growing up way to fast for me. The past few days have been hot, hot, hot and about as humid as a sauna. It's been a bit miserable around here. So even though it doesn't bother Danya at all to have her hair on her neck, it makes me hot just to look at her, so we've tried some new looks lately which make me cry. She's soo adorable but she looks so grown up.

It started the other night when she let me put one braid in her hair before bed. It lasted all night surprisingly. Notice the Cheese face.

The on Friday we did two braids. I was trying to get a good photo of her on our way out the door. Like I said it's been very hot lately and we were on our way to see the "sishys" at "wallart". It has become a bit of a routine for us. The greeter at the door even knows why we come around 3pm lots of days.

So she was yelling at me "Go go go go Wallart!"

We also had to pick up my thyroid meds so since this is a long wait usually I brought with Daddy's IPOD so she could watch a video while we waited.

I was a little more adventurous this morning and tried inverted french braids. They were perfect for her more active lifestyle. She was even able to go swimming without getting her hair in her face, this she liked very much. Our neighbor has a pool and has been kind enough to let us come over a few times lately. We are so grateful, and Danya is getting better and better with her swimming skills. She's still not ready to go without her lifejacket but she can now swim the width of the pool in her puddle jumper.

Right after I braided it...

After Nap and lots of hard playing

Today we also got some more sand for her sand box. It was a bit empty before but now as you can see it is very full.

I do miss when she was soo teeny but I am excited to see her grow up at the same time. She is finally starting to really mimic some words, and her vocabulary is starting to build. We still have a long way to go but she is learning.


shalana said...

What fun when they start to get more hair. My daughter was almost 4 before she even had enough hair to pony tail, so you are very lucky she has braidable hair now.

shalana said...

I love the new blog by the by, it is not too loud, but too too cute!

gianna said...

oh, she is so cute!
hey have you been following mckmama? we went to nwc with her!

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