Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, Danya is growing up way to fast for me lately. Superbowl Sunday we pulled out her travel crib so she could take a nap in our room, because the neighbors were having a get together to watch the game on the big screen. So after the game I took it down and set it in the entryway so that I could put it away in the garage. Danya loves "help" with anything in the garage only most of the time it is not so helpful. Since the crib needs to go up on a shelf and there is a ladder involved I left it in the entry way. Out of sight out of mind, I saw it every time we left the house but otherwise I forgot about it. So fast forward a few days and I am in the kitchen doing the dishes after breakfast. I started hearing lots of happy jabbering so I turned around and saw the lights going on and off. Feeling rather foolish and knowing it was all my fault, I grabbed the camera, of course.

On the topic of growing, here are a few milestones we hit this week.
>No more bottles! - I kinda miss them, truth be told, there is just something about feeding your baby that is extra special.
> 33 inches long and 25 lbs. - although that's what she measured a month ago and I know she has grown so I'm not so sure I trust the length number. She is measuring in the 96% for height and the 60% for weight. Tall and skinny.
> She can climb up into her high chair by herself. (sometimes she surprises mommy by climbing all the way onto the table and emptying the Kleenex box)
> She got her first cold today, poor baby has snot just pouring out of her nose. Yes she "recycles" (just for you Shelli)
> "Baby" has to go everywhere we do. Mommy learned the hard way that "baby" doesn't sleep with Danya, she has to sleep in her own bed. (Someone woke up and started playing in the middle of nap, and then wouldn't go back to sleep, oh what a crabby day.)

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Mommy, Daddy, and Me

Mommy, Daddy, and Me
These photos are from roughly the same age for each of us.