Sunday, November 2, 2008


Some of you may be wondering how crazy it was here on Halloween night since I said the it gets nuts. Well our neighbor had a family party which increased the cars parked on the street but I felt bad for them because most of them had to park a couple blocks away. We had between 250-300 kids roll through in a little over 3 hours. It started slow but then all of a sudden the masses arrived. I felt bad because I saw one bus load get off at the end of the street and walk in our direction, but Danya and I were out meeting people. She didn't care much about the candy just talking to people. So we left John alone to feed the masses. Danya was not going to be rushed. Each new person she saw was a new friend. She even got a bonus treat because she was so brave. One of the houses had people giving out candy and the rest of the family was inside the garage area behind one of those stretchy cobwebs eating dinner. Danya saw people with a little baby and ran right up to the garage and went through the cobweb. I wish I had a small camera because her wings didn't fit so she looked like she was caught in the web. Anyway the grandma of the house gave her a bag of chips as a bonus treat. The last couple of days she just wants to go outside and see people. She keeps signing please and standing at the door. Last night I was going to bring the garbage outside. Usually she ignores this task but last night she waited patiently while I tied the bag and as soon as I started walking she ran to the door. She was signing please and saying "hal" which is Danya for help, so I let her walk out to the garbage can with me. She proceeded to go to the neighbors house and almost made it into their garage to see them too before I caught the quick little stinker. Then there was a tantrum when it was time to go back in. She wanted to see people.

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Mormor/Nana & MorFar/Papa said...

It's time for a play group. You should find other moms and toddlers who need socialization time to start a play group so she has a chance to meet all those "people" she longs for.

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